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Welcome to UNIPRO

Our core competency is the strategic purchase of industrial replacement parts and components. We can provide all the special parts you need for the production, repair, maintenance and servicing of equipment, devices or even complete production systems as well as assembly lines. Your production can thus return quickly to high availability and quality.

Forward looking.

In just about a decade UNIPRO has built up a world-wide network of manufacturers and freight forwarders. We provide the best solutions on the international market and all from a single source thanks to our extensive network and the experience of our customer-oriented and highly qualified employees.

We manage monitored and optimized deliveries for the following industries:
Automotive, car manufacturing industry, chemical industry, petroleum industry, natural gas industry, electricity generation industry, industrial machinery, pharmaceutical industry, food processing industry, steel industry, metal working industry, printing industry, shipyards, beverage industry, glass industry, plastic industry, mining.

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Good suppliers are worth their weight in gold. Affordable procurement prices and trustworthy relationships are the key to long-term and sustained commercial success.

Our duties include procuring industrial materials and replacement parts for maintenance and repair as shortly and rapidly as possible and at an affordable price -

globally and from more than 6,000 manufacturers.

If you are at a loss, we are there to help with any questions upon request.

Of course we will answer your questions as soon as possible and provide the necessary information about repair procedures and likely costs.

Even in the event of supply bottlenecks, we have large supply chain in place to provide the sustained delivery of obsolete products.

Use our support to extend the life of your equipment and help avoid downtime.

We also guarantee reliable and long-term products meeting the same requirements as the original parts but at much lower prices.

If a disruption leaves you uncertain about the parts you need, we can help with skilled employees to quickly and precisely perform even the most difficult tasks.

In the event of a procurement bottleneck for new parts or missing documentation for a part, we can use reverse engineering to reproduce the element you need.

The procedure uses existing old parts which are worn or faulty.

The automation of individual process steps or the entire production offers several advantages.

We develop, build and install automated systems for various industries and requirements.

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