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Freight costs

Administrative costs

Repair costs

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70% Time savings

Our specialists are available immediately after a short call or e-mail. The size of the order is not a factor.

We are pleased to be your contact for your individual needs - from small material, replacement parts to maintenance and procurement of a complete production system.

50% Freight cost savings


Together with our competent partners, we provide logistics around the world and our ability to coordinate your orders means you only need a single delivery.

60% Administrative cost savings

We can reduce your administrative costs per procurement unit by up to 60%.

We do so through the coordination of targeted requests. You have a single contact for all of your requests and thus less bureaucracy.

30% Repair cost savings

We understand the challenges that you need to cope with when maintaining and repairing your system.

In order to secure smooth and safe operations, you need the right people - and the right tools.

Reduce your repair costs by up to 30% when we can provide you with the best possible market prices for their system specific solutions.